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You’ve spent a lot of time and energy in developing your business. You’ve invested capital in your premises, interior, staff, facilities, and of course your product.

But how will customers first engage with you? It’s probably through your website, and it could be on any device. That’s where our mobile & web design team in Brighton comes in to ensure you’re prepared for all forms of exposure.

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Website Creative

We specialise in creating websites that will not only get you noticed, but are also functional. The positioning of information, the layout, the typography and style all influence the user perception of your brand, as well as how they engage with you on and offline. Design is important to ensure your success as an individual brand identity.

When working with us to create your website we focus on understanding your current brand, your future brand, and how you want to be seen to potential customers. Before we develop your site, we review site structure, site goals, design likes and dislikes, and we create you a fully bespoke design based around our research and findings.

We deliver various levels of design to suit your needs. If you have a design idea but aren’t sure how to make it work and whether it’s even possible, we can develop fully polished design concepts and pages. If you wish to work with a third party developer, we can provide an initial UX review and site plan or deliver a full design package.

Content Management Systems

We rate our technical abilities as ‘Michelin’ standard in the world of web development. Our experienced team of developers are proficient in building websites with amazing features and functions across a wide range of content management systems including:

– WordPress
– Magento
– Drupal
– Modex
– Angular

Bespoke website software

We understand every business is different. Whilst these days there are many amazing pieces of software that we can integrate into your website to perform certain functions, we still experience a high demand for customised online software to manage operations in a way that’s tailored to suit your business, rather than the opposite. We frequently produce bespoke, reliable, and easy-to-use web software systems. This includes a restaurant ordering system for Wolfie’s of Hove and Silo, as well as a wholesale ordering system for The Flour Pot Bakery.


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Website Creation



Third Party Integrations



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