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Do you feel you’d benefit from more time to engage with customers, develop your brand and business, and focus on providing excellent services as opposed to being bogged down by admin?

Hospitality software allows for a greater degree of control over the day to day operations of a business, from employee management and accounting to delivery scheduling and table reservations, in one easy to manage package.

We present our clients with an integrated approach to software, bringing together established third party software and in-house developed systems into a single application programming interface (API), as well as the option of custom designed software solutions to help businesses achieve their unique goals.

Application Programming Interfaces

We integrate separate API’s to create bespoke software solutions based around the needs of your establishment. As your business grows, your backend interfaces will also develop, evolve, and upscale with continued support from Skoff.


We have experience integrating accounting packages with hundreds of programs to improve the financial experience for customers and clients alike. Keeping track of your cashflow in one convenient place means you’re no longer committing time and energy to chasing late invoices, which can be paid with convenience online or over the phone.

We integrate with a range of online accounting packages including Sage, Xero, and QuickBooks.

EPoS Management – Powered by KOBAS

Skoff works in partnership with KOBAS to deliver an all-encompassing EPoS system tailored to the needs of your business. With KOBAS & Skoff, our clients have access to a greater overview of their margins, which can ultimately increase them, whilst the frustrations of planning and maintaining rota’s are made easy through custom management tools, which also includes payroll integration.

To make life easier, we’ve streamlined the entire process by developing mobile friendly system, meaning you can check on your resources, staff, and sales from any mobile device, from anywhere, anytime.

Frontend Web Integration

We integrate your frequently used hospitality software into your website, whilst developing it to make it more accessible for your customers, as well as easier to manage internally and coherent with your branding. Through website integration, we not only make your online presence easier and more engaging for consumers, but offer flexible solutions for businesses seeking to better understand customer engagement.

We believe a better overview of this activity is the key to maintaining an ongoing and successful relationship with a loyal customer base, and we can offer a wide range of tailored services to ensure you build the best possible relationship moving forward.

eCommerce Development

Our team of developers is experienced in building eCommerce platforms, which can open up entirely new revenue streams for our clients through the sale of branded merchandise, workshops, cooking goods, redeemable vouchers, and much more. Whether you’d prefer a shop built into your existing site or CMS, or an entirely new site to host your shop, Skoff can help you build a reliable and attractive platform for selling.

Click & Collect / Home Delivery

For those who like to eat in the comfort of their own homes, we have our own in-house system for click & collect and home delivery services that can be integrated into your website. Alongside this, we can also integrate any existing third-party vendor’s functionality into your website.

Mobile Services

Mobile is the future. An increasing number of people each year are using mobile platforms to book and pay for an assortment of services. We work closely with a number of third-party services so you can provide customers with mobile capabilities and make their experience all the more easier.

Imagine your customers being able to pay for a meal at the table, or for a hotel room in the comforts of their bed? We work with FlyPay to provide customers with mobile payment capabilities.

We’ve also partnered with Parse to provide customers with mobile push notifications. We use the technology to notify people via mobile when their table or hotel room is ready, or when their order is ready to be collected or out for delivery.

Trip Advisor Integration

Trip Advisor is a widely used resource within the hospitality industry and can open you up to a potentially huge customer base. If you’ve got some stellar reviews or excellent ratings you feel like boasting about, you can feature these on your website through our Trip Advisor integration.

Customer Loyalty Programs

We have a wide range of creative options to reward, incentivise, and keep customers coming back through loyalty programs, which can be used in-store and redeemed online.

Table Booking

Online table bookings have risen significantly over the past three years, so it’s essential to offer these services across a range of platforms. We can integrate online reservation capabilities into Skoff built websites to make the booking process easier and more accessible for your customers.

As well as our custom software, we can also integrate third-party table booking providers into your site as standard, with previous third-party integrations including OpenTable, ResDiary, and Bookatable.


Our bespoke inventory management software is currently helping Silo meet their zero waste goals, providing a greater overview of stock and ingredients. We also combined existing third-party services with Skoff developed custom programs to create a tailored restaurant management software for Kooks.

Skoff can take on all hospitality software challenges, big or small.

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